Build Rich IoT Apps & Services
for Smart Cities & Buildings

Hammerkit is an IoT App Service Platform for Smart Cities and Buildings. It contains powerful tools for app developers and service operators.


Provide Rich IoT Apps for Cities and Buildings as a Service

In 2025, the world is estimated to have more than 75 billion internet-connected devices. But gadgets and data alone do not make us much benefit. Human-centric applications are needed to connect data to daily life and activities in a rich way. The world needs new kind of IoT apps. The world needs Hammerkit.

New feature-rich apps for smart cities and buildings support user interaction and activities in a multi-faceted and sustainable way for example in housing and maintenance services and safety, health, living comfort, outdoors activities, mobility and transport, energy saving, waste management, circular economy, work-life services, monitoring of environmental conditions and impact and civil participation.

With Hammerkit companies and organizations can provide and operate rich data-driven services to users. Hammerkit streamlines the application development and distribution and provides the best possible user experience to all parties in the value network – application developers, designers, service administrators and end users.


Create rich user experiences that connect IoT data and devices to daily life and activities

With Hammerkit you can combine data, functional logic and rich content and build user-driven and useful services that make life easier, more durable, and more meaningful. Hammerkit connects IoT data to daily life.

Developer tools include:


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